Over half of the world’s GDP is to some degree dependent on nature, the economist Partha Dasgupta wrote in a much-noted 2021 report.
But many nature ecosystems are at risk of collapsing and humanity has already crossed five of its nine planetary boundaries.


Early corporate movers seek to pivot their business models to one that leaves nature more regenerative rather than extracting – all others are being pushed by regulators onto a pathway to be nature positive. All need to understand how they interact with nature and we help them measuring and visualising that.
Born out of a public-private partnership on geospatial technology for agricultural risk management in Asia, we pivoted to help companies to measure the relationship between their industrial assets and nature – be it in measuring the water consumption of cotton production, the carbon capture potential of forests and soils or oil spills in the ocean.

Our main hub is India where we are known as Earth Analytics India and we are building our European presence and are looking for passionate talent to join us in our mission to measure what we all value: Nature

We are proud to be the official partners of these global coalitions

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